The Added Convenience Of Cottage Rentals

July 25th, 2013

When most people think of taking a vacation, they think of loading up a car or filing onto a plane to get to a nice hotel room. Others think about packing up some gear and going camping in the wilderness. These are a couple of great options, but there is a third way to experience a great vacation.

Renting a cottage can be a wonderful option for vacation lodgings. These cottages can have a number Read more this entry »

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The Difference Of Cabin And Cottage Rentals

January 25th, 2012

Need a break and want to get away? But where will you stay and what are your options. You’ve narrowed it down to cabins or cottages as you feel one of them will best fit your needs. To begin the decision process, make a comparison list of features and see which one comes out ahead.

The main difference of cabin and cottage rentals is in the name only according to Read more this entry »

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The Southeast’s Hidden Gems

January 10th, 2012

Set your Home security FAMILY alarm and pack up the kids – it’s time for a road trip to a cabin near you! If you live in the Southeastern US there’s a bounty of great cabin getaways close to home – here are a few of our favorite hidden gems:
Banner Elk, NC: This hamlet has all the charm of a much bigger city and a quaint downtown area, too. Cabins aren’t expensive and there are lots of outdoor activities nearby including some of North Carolina’s best skiing!
Helen, GA: If you haven’t yet been to this tiny German-themed town you’re missing out. Sure, Helen’s a bit kitsch but that’s part of the fun! Eat by the river and buy yourself some alpine village souvenirs. The kids will love the mini golf and you’ll love the affordable housing.
Gatlinburg, TN: Perhaps the most popular spot on the list, Gatlinburg has recently gone through a renovation of sorts. There are dozens of restaurants and activities for the kids to entertain themselves and the views of the Smokies here simply can’t be beaten.

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How Cabin Rentals Can Differ From Cottages

September 29th, 2011

Cabin rentals are in fact a bit different from cottages. When people go to rent cabins, they are usually in a way different setting than cottages are. Cabins are usually found around wooded areas. People who go camping, etc. usually find themselves staying in cabins. Cottages are mostly found by lakes. Cabins do not have some of the same features as cottages do. People prefer the scenery of a cabin versus the scenery of a cottage. It just all Read more this entry »

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Cabin Rental

September 27th, 2011

Making the decision to rent a cabin is a wise one. Cabins offer plenty of space, and plenty of privacy. They are great choices for romantic getaways, as well as family vacations. Getting the most out of your cabin rental is quite easy, as there are many benefits to making this choice.

Hotels are not the only places that offer amenities. Many cabins have hot tubs, pools, fireplaces, and more. Be sure to use these things, as they are there for your enjoyment. Even better, they Read more this entry »

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Cabins Are More Fun For The Whole Family

September 24th, 2011

Cabins offer families much more than a hotel room ever could. Not only do they provide a much higher level of privacy, but they also offer a much more unique accommodation experience. Many vacation spots have these, and the rental prices are comparable to that of hotels.

Part of the beauty of cabin rentals is that they are spacious. This allows large families to all stay in one place, and to not feel crowded while doing so. Friends and family that travel together and split costs will find that it is much Read more this entry »

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How Renting A Cabin Will Improve Your Stay

September 23rd, 2011

When it comes to vacation choices, cabin rentals are an excellent option. Renting a cabin allows you the opportunity to escape the busyness of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility and beauty found in the great outdoors.
Picture yourself surrounded in pristine beauty, enjoying a warmth and coziness not found at most hotels. Wake up to phenomenal sunrises in the morning and enjoy breathtaking sunsets at night. In many cabins, you will find all of the comforts of home: complete kitchens, washers and dryers, and Read more this entry »

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